Textures and chaos

We all have separate definitions of what abstract is. I’m sure there can never be one absolute perspective for abstract. Different wavelengths of our thinking create different perceptions of abstract for us, we all have our own individualistic self composed abstract inside of us.

Even logically, the whole world is a giant cross-section of perspectives, no one can narrow it down to one single element, thus to reach a higher plane of understanding we need abstraction we need something which makes no sense yet makes complete sense.

In the field of arts, the abstract is rather more prevalent and obvious than any other field. Now to make something which can be moulded infinite times into infinite moulds I guess that’s when true artistry is achieved, when the artist has broken down all the perspectives and reached a common ground for every viewer. To reach where every viewer can put a meaning to it in his own terms, sounds impossible and in fact only a few artists have been able to do it.

Some of the famous minimalist abstract art works.


Son of Man 1964 Painting by rene magritte


Jackson Pollock, one of the creators of signature modern chaotic abstract art.
Autumn Rhythm by Jackson Pollock

If we study abstracts, we can easily see that they are often made out of chaos or are just carefully subtracted form of a bigger chaos or what we call minimalistic. Yes sure there are things in between but often the most striking ones are in the extremes of less and more. Here in this blog I have tried to explore textures with the perspective of abstraction; I have taken both the minimalist and maximalist way and yet again what I realized was that chaos when created naturally produces beauty in its own way.

Most of the photos that you will see here were basically created from pouring sand on water or created from texture of light on water or some texture on old stone. All of them will be some sort of chaos and also natural. The interesting bit was that when I realized that while I was clicking them they made no sense but while sitting and looking and then working on them I realized that just like everything else it is just our conviction that matters and to make something abstract you need a lot of conviction.

Someone rightly said “A good piece of art is always half-baked but done with the conviction that it is full”

Found this texture on an excavated rock.


Chaos created by sand inside water.
Sand, water and light.



Interesting pattern and texture on a rock.




Pictures by aadit basu


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